Praise for 
The Devil in the Milk

"Rob Griffith’s third book is a tour de force of metrical mastery but, even more so, a moving exploration of the love, faith, and grief that lie at what Yeats called 'the deep heart’s core.' From a moving two-part sequence on the doubts and triumphs of Saint Columba in the British isles of the early Christian era, to quietly powerful poems that explore the losses and rewards of domestic life, Griffith writes with enviable wit, intelligence, and sensitivity. His love poems are unsurpassed in their aching tenderness, their keen awareness of time’s surrounding presence: 'as the world/goes dark, a stage that fades to black, we glow.' Readers caught in the glow of these stunning poems will discover a pilgrimage made poignant by doubt and faith—where even the cries of birds are 'psalms/that knit your world to mine, the unseen and the seen.' Yet it is the seen world that emerges most vividly here, alive in the “raptured light” of Griffith’s superb command of craft and unflinching vision."

 —Ned Balbo